A-Divizion & MC Flipside – The Experience (Funkagenda Remix)Funkagenda.

A-Divizion & MC Flipside – The Experience (Funkagenda Remix)

“Now i’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that music is a universal language, well house music, its an underground language.Those who experience it fully understand it. There’s something fascinating about a driving track, regardless of how many times in your lifetime you might here one. Each time it feels like the first time, now I’m sure you remember that first time. Did you get dragged to an after hours by your friend? Did you stay out late enough at a typical club to hear slamming beats after last call? You see it’s really unexplainable but it feels SO damn good to lose yourself in the music. Your spirit sores and sores and sores to places you’ve never been, the experience is everlasting like the music blasting. If this is your very first time I have one thing to say to you, you’re about to elevate and witness THE EXPERIENCE!” -MC Flipside

Together with MC Flipside’s motivating lyrics, Funkagenda delivers an underground remix to “The Experience.” The progressive mastermind crafted a track that greatly exemplifies what it feels like to be in a crowd full of house heads, who are still dancing at 7am. It’s not hard banging drops, but everlasting progression and addicting flows, which Funkagenda instills in his tracks to keep crowds raving until the sunrise. Once the track hits 4:30, the slight addition of high pitched sirens creatively blended with pulsating progressive beats, brings the track to the ultimate subterranean level. Stay tuned for Funkagenda’s spectacular remix to Example’s next upcoming single “Midnight Run” – previewed last friday on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 mix.

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