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Avicii in Trenton: Changing things up?

We (mostly) all love Avicii, but a common gripe we hear is that his sets are all the same. Coming to his own defense, often lamenting the restrictive nature of festival sets (the ever-present hour to hour and a half time slots), he usually says that

in such a limited timeframe he has to cater to everyone by playing “the hits.” Well, he didn’t just play the hits in Trenton, but spiced things up a little bit — just like CAZZETTE who opened before him. Keep reading for a quick rundown.

Those who saw him in Trenton this past week were in store for a side of Avicii that we rarely see. Though he was headlining and only had a two hour set, he made his time work double duty. He opened with his David Guetta collaboration “Sunshine.” After the show, he disclosed that Guetta e-mailed him the melody, and that the duo went from there. This comes as a surprise to those who pegged the track’s iconic sound to Avicii.

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He entertained us all with the harder mix of Albin Myers’s edit of “Fade into Darkness,” which was much harder and fresher than the overplayed original. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, he dropped Steve Angello’s edit of “The Moment” that actually showed off some of his progress when it comes to beat matching.

So for those who say that Avicii plays all the same tracks in his sets, you’re probably still right. But as we see time and again, the dedicated and the faithful get their just rewards.

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