Avicii – Levels (Original Version)Levels Anthem

Avicii – Levels (Original Version)

Just over a year after he teased us with “Levels” (originally misnamed “ID”) in his Essential Mix, Avicii has decided to (finally) release the signature track of 2011. We’ve gushed at the teaser video and we’ve told you how good we think he is, so let’s acknowledge that he is great and move onto other topics. If you haven’t noticed – this track is being released by Universal Music. Why is this important for the EDM world? Universal is the largest out of the ‘big four’ record companies, which also includes EMI, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment.

Question #1: Other EDM-based artists have had their tunes picked up by the ‘big four’ in the past – who cares?

Yes, this is correct. For example, Swedish House Mafia released their recent stuff on EMI. Hell, even Rihanna and Calvin Harris released “We Found Love” on The Island Def Jam Recordings – a daughter company of Universal. However, all the artists mentioned above have been going at it for years and have cultivated their names in the industry for quite a while. Avicii, on the other hand, went from getting his music ‘stolen’ from Leona Lewis to getting picked up by the biggest name in town in a matter of a few months.

Analogy: Imagine yourself going after decent looking women month after month with moderate success. Then the next weekend, you find yourself sucking face with Angelina Jolie at your local pub. Pretty big upgrade.

Question #2: What does this mean for house music currently?

This is what we like to refer to as the ‘tipping point.’ House music has been teetering on the edge of pop culture and underground for quite sometime now. David Guetta main huge headway with “Sexy Bitch” and a few other notable releases. Swedish House Mafia sweetened the pot by releasing “One” and “Save The World.” Avicii sealed the deal with this release today. Bold Statement: House music is pop culture.

Analogy: It’s like this.

We are no longer the Andy Dufresne of the music industry, you can only trap something special for so long.

Question #3: What is going to happen in the future?

More tracks are going to be released on bigger labels. EDM as an industry will grow quite rapidly and more of our favorite artists will appear on the radio and on major publications such as Rolling Stone and MTV. The brightest stars will headline music festivals such as Coachella and will be noticed at the same level as Kanye West or Lady GaGa. You might think this is bad, but trust us – your ears are going to be highly appreciative of the change.

Analogy: “Show Me The Money” – Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire

“You’re a little slow, but you come around” – Rod Tidwell (referring to the music industry in general)

Avicii – Levels (Original Mix)

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