Avicii set to perform at NYC’s most famous club, Studio 54 re-opens for one night only!

Studio 54 is arguably the most famous club in the history of New York City. During the late 70s and early 80s, it was home to wildly decadent parties, earning its name as a “modern day Gomorrah.” Celebrities frequented the club, drug use was rampant, and public sex acts were not uncommon. Tomorrow night, almost 3 decades after closing its doors, the most hedonistic nightclub in Manhattan plans to hosts one final party with none other than Avicii providing the soundtrack to what will likely be the event of the year.

Trying to get tickets? Sorry, but according to Avicii’s Facebook this is an old school event – entry is based on looks and heavily tipping the doorman.

So excited for my gig at the ORIGINAL Studio 54 tomorrow night. Here’s how to get in:
JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS, you show up dressed as nice as possible and hope the doorman catches your smile. Come early – tear the house down. ♥

SiriusXM says call 212 489 7667 for more info.

Via: Facebook


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