Avicii to finally release “Levels,” prepares for world domination

There are good songs that you listen to for a while. There are great songs that you can’t get enough of. There are anthems that are played consistently at every festival. Then there is “Levels” a song that is so big that it deserves its own triangle at the top of the pyramid. Last year we thought Swedish House Mafia’s “One” and Afrojack’s “Take Over Control” took house music to a whole new level – and to be fair, it did. This year “Levels” thrust house music to the forefront of pop culture and redefined the way people perceived house music. For those of you that are still in denial – this is pop culture, so wake the eff up.

The Mom Test – You want to know how we know that Avicii is truly transcending music? My mom knows who he is and what “Levels” sounds like. Want to know the even scarier part? She absolutely despises house music, because her son may or may not party excessively to it. Every now and then she asks for a new workout playlist – and guess what? “Levels” has to be on it.

Dancing Astronaut Rule #147 – When an artist passes the ‘mom test’ with flying colors he or she is truly primed for world domination.

Dancing Astronaut Rule #148 – After passing the mom test, the song is then put into a pantheon where everyone must worship at its throne. People who do not oblige, must be hung and stoned in public.

Release Date: Halloween or November 1st

Via: Facebook (The Best Producer Ever)

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