Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las Vegass Tryst Halloween2011

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las Vegas

Why isn’t Halloween a nationally recognized holiday? Nearly all young professionals and students go out and treat it as one of the biggest occasions of the entire year. You spend time planning your costume and where you’re going to party. Do corporate offices really want you to come in the next day hungover and less productive than normal? Of course not, but that’s what sick days are for. Hopefully this guide makes you want to stay a few extra days in the city of sin, so if you do decide to lengthen your stay make sure to keep this in mind: If you decide to go out, make sure you crush it. “I have work tomorrow” and “I have an early flight to catch,” are not valid excuses to tank a night out in one of the best cities in the entire world. If you are in that category, well, you might as well not have gone in the first place.

In this guide, we’ll break down the daily EDM events going down in each venue. That being said, we have a disclaimer. XS Nightclub decided to go balls to the wall and absolutely blow out their lineup. You could book a room in the Wynn or Encore and never even have to leave for the entire weekend. While new venues and different hotels add to the experience, are you really going to miss Avicii, Axwell, Alesso, Deadmau5 or Afrojack? That’s what we thought. Anyhow, make your decisions accordingly and thoroughly, any funny sexual excursions embarked upon during Halloween weekend that you would like to share with us can be sent to contact@dancingastronaut.com.

Friday October 28th

1st Featured Event: Avicii @ XS Nightclub

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las Vegass Avicii 1028

Artists Performing: Avicii

Why Should You Go? Please don’t ask anyone this question in real life unless you like getting that ‘who the hell are you?‘ look as they gaze upon you with a mix of sorrow and stupidity. Let us make this very simple: it is Avicii, and he is (abow, natch) on fire.

Mathematics of Sex: This theorem is for the dudes who failed math classes in college. Women love Avicii. Most women will try to go to Avicii. XS is one of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas (if not the hottest). So if we combine the fact that women love Avicii along with the fact that XS is one of the places to be at on a nightly basis, you can deduce that more women than usual will be there on this particular night. If there are more women there, then your chances of taking someone home drastically increases.

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2nd Featured Event: Afrojack @ Surrender Nightclub

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las VegasAfrojack Surrender

Artists Performing: Afrojack, Quintino

Why Should You Go? You probably haven’t seen Quintino yet, but he has released some big tracks this year. “Selecta,” “Epic,” and “Music Oh” were all chart toppers. You get two awesome DJs for the price of one and you get to rage at an unbelievably nice venue. The open feeling of the club allows you to have the luxury of moving around without having to navigate your way throughout all the traffic. You can choose to be in all the ruckus or take the boring road and just hang out with a select few members. Oh yeah, in case you forgot — Afrojack is performing (watch the video below or look back at his Electric Zoo set for evidence of his absurd musical ways).

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3rd Featured Event: Laidback Luke @ Haze Nightclub

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las Vegas5322888264 04a62c27b3 Z

Artist(s) Performing: Laidback Luke

Why Should You Go? On top of being one of the most technically sound DJs in the world, he also brings his A-game every time. What is even better is that this is the most economical ticket you can purchase for a Friday night. If you aren’t looking to blow a ton of cash and still want to see one of the best shows in the world, this may be your only option.

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Other Events:

Dash Berlin @ Tao Nightclub – Get your tickets here

Benny Benassi @ Marquee Nightclub – Get your tickets here

Yolanda Be Cool @ The Bank – Get your tickets here

Saturday October 29th

1st Featured Event: Axwell @ XS Nightclub

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las Vegas403660

Artists Performing: Axwell

Why Should You Go? Let’s set aside the fact that Axwell is a member of the Swedish House Mafia and is a production genius (Number 13 on the DJ Mag Top 100). The excitement surrounding the event is unmatched from anything we’ve seen in Vegas. Axwell began tweeting about this event about 3 days ago, which means he is pumped. If you’ve ever been to one of his sets, you understand that this guy plays for an incredibly long time —sometimes for more than 4 hours. In the event that you do decide to go the Axwell route, you’ll probably be getting the biggest bang for your buck.

How can you rate Axwell over Tiesto at the Hard Rock? Well, setting musical bias aside, having a monthly residency in Vegas kind of destroys some of the allure. Would you rather catch a DJ at a nightclub you might not be able to see for some time, or would you go see a person who spends a decent amount of time in Vegas? Yes, we understand that you have a tough life choosing between Tiesto and Axwell. You really can’t go wrong either way, however, due to location and aura we have to give the nod to Ax.

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2nd Featured Event: Tiesto @ The Joint

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las Vegas1ab

Artist(s) Performing: Tiesto, Sandro Silva

Why Should You Go? The guy is a legend. This is going to be sold out no matter which way you look at it. Just slapping the name “Tiesto” on anything makes the event a winner (just ask the Home Depot Center). If you thought Avicii attracted women, try a Tiesto event. Your neck will be hurting due to the excessive head turning caused by all the eye candy out there. That being said, The Joint is a great viewer’s venue and it gives you an excuse to go to the Hard Rock Hotel, arguably the most unique hotel in Vegas.

Sandro Silva will be a prominent name in the music industry. It’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of when. Seeing him this weekend will grant you the opportunity to catch him during the early stages of his career. His variety and enthusiasm will knock you right out of your socks. Get to the venue early and be the one of the ‘smart’ people who skip the line and see Sandro perform.

NOTE: Tiesto’s December 3rd residency has been cancelled, so this may be your last chance to catch him in Vegas for the rest of the year. Unless of course he is booked for New Year’s…

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3rd Featured Event: Dada Life @ Surrender Nightclub

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las VegasDada Life Front

Artists Performing: Dada Life

Why Should You Go? Energy. This crazy duo brings the heat every single damn time — just see what happened at LAVO if you need evidence. Surrender really is the ‘hardest’ club around, they consistently house (no pun intended) the likes of Steve Aoki, Sidney Samson, Afrojack, and Dada Life. The amount of bass emitted through their speakers is ridiculous for us to even think about. This event will also leave the smallest dent in your wallet. It’s even affordable for guys to get in without having to break the bank.

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Other Events:

ATB @ Marquee Nightclub – Get your tickets here

Paul Oakenfold @ Chateau Paris – Get your tickets here

Snooki @ Pure Nightclub – Smash your face against the wall here

Sunday October 30th

1st Featured Event: Deadmau5 @ XS Nightclub

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las VegasPhoto 5

Artists Performing: Deadmau5

Why Should You Go? Deadmau5 Memorial Day Weekend was unbelievable. It ranks up there with the best events we have attended, bar none. Want a chance to relive that moment? Then attend. Mau5 drives the crowd wild, and XS always has something sneaky cool for his arrival. If you are interested in getting a table, be smart and book them ASAP. Look up Perrings, Ryan in our post to get the low down (see bottom).

NOTE: There is no other notable event on Sunday. It’s Mau5 or home, so if you are planning on staying until Monday, this is the place to be.

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Monday October 31st

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las Vegass Afrojack Alesso Hoh V9.2 1031

Artists Performing: Afrojack and Alesso

Why Should You Go? Why the hell do you think you should go? It may or may not have something due to the fact that the lineup is insane. You get Dutch sensation Afrojack and Swedish superstar Alesso, what more do you want? If you opted for Avicii over Afrojack on Friday you still have a chance to catch him at XS on Halloween Night. This particular night always ends up being one of the craziest — so get your costumes on and have your condoms within reach.

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2nd Featured Event: Kaskade @ Marquee Nightclub

Dancing Astronaut’s Ultimate Guide To Halloween Weekend: Las VegasKaskade October31 Promopass

Artists Performing: Kaskade

Why Should You Go? He just won America’s Best DJ and he just released his new album – Fire & Ice (Editors Note: read our review here). This show follows up two sold out nights at Roseland Ballroom in NYC, and this one is also sure to be action packed. Not only will you get an eclectic blend of hard progressive Fire, but you’ll probably be introduced to his older style as well (the Ice). If you are a music lover in general, the contrasting styles from the CD will be evident in his liveset. So prepare to be blown away.

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All of us at Dancing Astronaut hope you have a safe and great time in Vegas during Halloween Weekend. We envision some of your craziest (sexiest?) stories will be created during your short time there. Remember, just because we posted these events doesn’t mean there aren’t other options that you can pursue. For example, Flo Rida, Ludacris, and Snooki will be present. We didn’t put up ticket links, because we didn’t want to subject you to that kind of horror. But then again, it is Halloween…

Now that you know all your options, Dancing Astronaut would like to hook you up if you’re interested in any of the events at XS or Tryst. Email Ryan Perrings at ryan.perrings [at] xslasvegas.com for some sweet bottle deals for Tryst or XS Nightclubs. This guy has a knack for making you look good in front of ladies — just saying.

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