Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz + Jeremy Olander Remixes)Eric Prydz

Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz + Jeremy Olander Remixes)

Did you guys watch the epic season finale of Shit I Probably Shouldn’t Have Read Anyway? In that episode did you see Eric Prydz jump into DJ Mag‘s corporate offices with both middle fingers raised in the air loudly announcing the arrival of his “Circles” remix? Well if you missed it – we think he was mortified about his unbelievably low ranking on their list. Read about here.

This remix brings a whole new level of spirituality to progressive house music. It kind of gives you that feeling of separation between body and mind. Let us discuss a theory that we have concocted and run it by you guys for just a second.

Zone-ability theory: This is directly related to Bud Lights “drinkability,” however, it is in relationship with house music. If a tune makes you zone out from the real world or engages you for minutes on end, then it automatically belongs in the ‘damn good song category.’ If a track makes you zone out for hours on end it belongs in the ‘I absolutely love this guy category.’

Which category does Eric belong in? Listen below in order to decide.

Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz Remix)

After gushing about Eric Prydz remix we are hear to tell you that Jeremy Olander put together a fine rendition. When compared to Eric’s it is considerably harder hitting, but still finds a way to blend that spiritual sound in. This is his first release since his “Fairfax/Rypamont” release and it is pure quality from start to finish.

Digitalism – Circles (Jeremy Olander Remix)

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