Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Dada Life Remix) [Preview]

Duck Sauce’s “Big Bad Wolf” video was hilarious. It could arguably win best music video of the year status. The only problem is that the original mix is much better live than it is through your headphones. Let us be clear here – Dada Life’s remix is flat out better and doesn’t share any of the problems the original has. It takes Dada’s sausage fattening sounds and applies them to “Big Bad Wolf” which creates absolute euphoria. This duo has unbelievable energy in live shows, but they bring it even in their preview snippets. Let’s face it – a funny preview leads to the excitement surrounding the track. All of us at Dancing Astronaut can’t wait to get our hands on this, and we are willing to bet you can’t either.

PS – cute dog.

Release Date: unknown, but we have a feeling a little birdie will let us know.

Via: Facebook (Dada Life)

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