Ferry Corsten – Check It Out (Bassjackers + Kyau & Albert Remixes)Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten – Check It Out (Bassjackers + Kyau & Albert Remixes)

Ferry Corsten’s “Check It Out” gets two great remixes from the Bassjackers and Kyau & Albert respectively. Both remixes couldn’t be any more different, yet we are having a hard time distinguishing which one is better, because they are both top notch tracks. After listening to both, let us know what you have to say.

Ever since their mega release of “Mush Mush,” the Bassjackers have been on a bass heavy frenzy. Their remix of Marcel Woods’ “Inside Me” is just loaded with power from start to finish. “Check It Out” reminds us a lot of many of their previous productions, they always have their monumental synth filled build ups along with a few well placed distortions surrounding their extremely deep drops. Increase the bass and treble to make sure your ear drums are ringing for days to come.

After creating a fast paced remix to Above & Beyond’s “You Got To Go,” trance superstars Kyau & Albert take the ‘trouse’ revolution to new heights. This is what we like to describe as a ‘hard’ progressive tune. The energy never wavers throughout the track and it increases after the vocalist yells “Check It Out!” Goosebumps will appear on your arm while listening to this in a big room atmosphere.

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