Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (Various Mixes)

Laidback Luke and Example comes out with their highly anticipated track “Natural Disaster” which features many remixes that cover the EDM spectrum. Judging by the music video (posted above) and the previously released instrumental mix you knew this tune was going to deliver on point. The original mix features Example’s prominent vocals with a classy piano build up, Laidback Luke then provides his quality synths, percusssions, and drums to then turn this into a dancefloor destroyer.

Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (Extended Vocal Mix)

Benny Benassi applies his touches onto “Natural Disaster” by making the drop considerably bigger, he took out the pianos from the original mix and instead incorporated his heavy bassline. This will appeal to your average house fan because it is tuned towards that ‘mainstream’ sound.

Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (Benny Benassi Remix)

Nouveau Yorican is comprised of Luke himself and his current girlfriend Gina Turner. Their previous releases (think: “Chiuso“) have been tech house productions with a Latin vibe. This remix definitely does have some flavor to it, if you are looking to play a song to relax to this would be your choice out of the package.

Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (Nouveau Yorican Remix)

GTA earned their place in the EDM world with their recent release of “U&I”, Laidback Luke then proceeded to take that tune to the next level with his remix. In GTA’s offering there is a little bit of everything to wet anyone’s palette – a slight wobble during the chorus, some progressive synths that follow after, Sidney Samson like Dutch sounds, and right around 3:38 everything falls into some serious club oriented raging. Brace your ears.

Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (GTA Remix)

Revero has been pumping out tracks for Luke’s Mixmash Records much like Aaron Rodgers is pumping out victories for the Green Bay Packers. This youngster just released his first EP “Some Sort Of Love” and he is unbelievably talented. This is Dancing Astronaut’s favorite remix of the package – that should tell you something.

Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (Revero Remix)

Andy C increasing the BPM drastically at first, but that slows it down when Example’s vocals kick in. This drum and bass track definitely gets you to perk up to say the least. A little different than what we normally post here, but still may be a valuable addition to your playlist due to some serious wobble.

Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (Andy C Remix)

Dirty distortions, a grungy bassline, and a shake that will make you fall flat on your face. This is by and large the definition of dubstep. Shit, even the man’s name is Skream¬†doesn’t that tell you enough? Give this a listen if your speakers are capable of handling it.

Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (Skream Remix)

The video posted above is an interview with Laidback Luke and Example that was made specifically for you (the fans)!

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