Louis La Roche – Gimme Gimme & The Wall EPLouis La Roche

Louis La Roche – Gimme Gimme & The Wall EP

We know what you are thinking – a little old isn’t it? Yes, the French house superstar Louis La Roche released his latest EP called “Gimme Gimme & The Wall” on September 19th. Being a few weeks late is better than never right? Anyways, this EP was too good not to publish a post about. “Gimme Gimme” and “The Wall” are both fun and a joy for listening or dancing.

“Gimme Gimme” is a very danceable disco tune, basically the epitome of French house. The Nu Disco feel really brings out the liveliness throughout the entirety of the track. This reminds me a little of Louis La Roche’s previous smash hit “Malfunction.” This kind of stuff just puts a smile on your face.

Louis La Roche – Gimme Gimme (Original Mix)

When compared to “Gimme Gimme”, “The Wall” definitely has more of that electronic feel to it. It has a playful melody and a great chord progression. The light distortions throughout the song keeps us on our toes the whole way through. This would be a great way to transition between bangers in your set. How sexy are the vocals? We love them.

Louis La Roche  – The Wall (Album Version)

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