Lunde Bros – Saga (Myback Mix)Lundebros

Lunde Bros – Saga (Myback Mix)

John Dalhback and Albin Myers combine their names (and talents) to create “MyBack”. Their style is so hard to describe – it is just so out there with the electro and progressive influences. The “Saga” remix is really everywhere, as you listen to the track it changes from every transitionary stage. This is definitely one of those tracks that you don’t want to skip through in order to get to the juicy section (usually the drop), because it is full of power in its entirety. Vessel SF is hosting John Dahlback tomorrow, so we better see you there!¬†All the astronauts will be present early at Vessel in order to see Nima and Jared open for John, you are more than welcome to take a shot (or 10) with us.

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