Madeon teases U.S. performance, previews unreleased track

French wunderkind Madeon has racked up an impressive 5.4 million views on his “Pop Culture” YouTube video. But this 17-year-old DJ and producer is no Internet flash in the pan: his remix of “Raise Your Weapon” planted him firmly on our list of favorite artists. Madeon deftly combines retro-sounding melodies with computerized synth grooves, making for some pretty serious electro-pop. In the just-posted “Teaser Part 1” video, Madeon debuts a sparkling unreleased track called “Icarus” and gets us even more hyped up for his upcoming U.S. appearance with Porter Robinson. Check the video below and keep your fingers crossed for a “Teaser Part 2.”

Via: Madeon YouTube channel

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