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Manufactured Superstars ft. Lea Luna – Drunk Text (Original Mix)

Manufactured Superstars have recently taken their producing and DJing to whole new heights, their most recent releases of “Take Me Over” and “Serious” have done incredibly well at the box office. The tandem takes a new swing on things with a much techier track called “Drunk Text.” When you initially listen to it you may think to yourself – this is something that should have been on a Toolroom Records compilation, however, what really makes this song is Lea Luna’s vocals. Throughout the track she is telling a story about how a night out and drunk texting coincide. The story is something we can all relate to and her voice is downright sexy.

BONUS: Manufactured Superstars ft. Lea Luna – Drunk Text (Sander Kleinenberg Remix)

Sander’s remix is even more techy if you can imagine that. The bassline is not as hard and he incorporates more of those sweeping sounds that are Swanky Tunes-esque. The vocals are chopped up, but the story is not there anymore. If you are looking for a track to start the night out this could be one possible option.

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