Mooli & Mac Monroe – On My Way Home (Sebastien Lintz Remix)Sebastien Lintz1

Mooli & Mac Monroe – On My Way Home (Sebastien Lintz Remix)

Sebastien Lintz is best know for his work alongside Jake Shanahan, the tandem’s tunes have been picked up by Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings (see: “Monk“). “On My Way Home” features ‘feel good’ synths that are prominent throughout the track. This kind of stuff just puts you in a good and creates smiles, the structure of the song is similar to that of John Dahlback’s remix of “Big.” The vocalist goes to the next level as her voice carries perfectly over the drumline and build up, Dancing Astronaut were fans of both Jake and Sebastien as a duo, but we love them just as much as individual artists.

Via: Facebook (Sebastien Lintz)

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