Ryan Kono – Someday (Franz Novotny Remix)Ryan Kono Someday

Ryan Kono – Someday (Franz Novotny Remix)

Stop whatever it is you are doing and give this track a good uninterrupted listen. When you first click play you will notice the uplifting synths and that trouse-ish sound a la Hardwell. Soon after, the build up progressively gets faster and you realize that a drop of some shape and size is coming. What you don’t realize is that this particular drop is not your normal hands-in-the-air type ordeal, it is more of a stare in disbelief of what is happening type of drop. We liken this to a scenario in a club when you see the hottest woman walk by you – your jaw hits the ground hard. If you have feeble ears make sure that your training wheels are fastened and you turn the volume low. For those of you that like stuff to hit a little more aggressively – go order yourself a new laptop, because your speakers just got blown away.

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