Sandro Silva ft. Bizzey – Get Lower (Various Mixes)Sandro Silva1

Sandro Silva ft. Bizzey – Get Lower (Various Mixes)

Sandro brings some flavor to the music world on a consistent basis. “Get Lower” features elements of music that are even outside the normal realm for EDM. We could harp on how talented this kid was, however, you already knew that. Let’s focus on what to expect from the three tracks below.

The original mix is the hardest to describe, it has elements from mainstream pop and it incorporates tribal drums that are Gregor Salto-esque. It isn’t necessarily uptempo, but it definitely fills the room with positive vibes. The folks at DA are usually suckers for female vocals, yet we thought Bizzey delivered like Megatron (Calvin Johnson) on football Sunday.

Don’t let the beginning of Oliver Twizt’s remix fool you – this is craziness. This is reminiscent of all the Dutch club bombers that were popular just a little bit ago, but with a little electro spice. The best part is actually when Bizzey’s vocals kick back in and the pulsing bassline takes over. Yes, this is our favorite remix out of the package.

Wait, did we just say that the Oliver Twizt remix was crazy? Oops. This shit takes the ‘crazy’ cake. If Angger dropped this at a festival it would cause a safety hazard. Nobody would ‘get lower to the ground.’

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