See the making of Deadmau5’s live production in new behind-the-scenes video

The Meowington Hax tour has kept Deadmau5 quite busy for the past few months — what with his massive outdoor showing in Philadelphia and record-breaking run at Roseland Ballroom — but you can’t talk about his latest American domination feat without talking about the stunning visuals that go along with his iconic beats. As we explained when the Professional Griefers was first debuted at Lollapalooza in Chicago, the team behind the setup visual display is Possible Productions, who combined specially shot footage, 3D computer-generated imagery, and other graphic art to deliver a fully immersive experience unlike anything else out there. The three minute video above does a nice job combining real-life footage with some of the behind-the-scenes stuff you don’t normally get to see, but don’t forget to check out our own photos of the labyrinth of lights and LEDs for more.

Update: Possible Productions designed the actual visuals, while construction of the lights and overall production was handled by Bionic League. Clarified above.

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