Skrillex sets his crosshairs on deadmau5 with motion capture madness

The possibilities of electronic music are as limitless as the imaginations of those creating it. Unique stage productions are quickly becoming just as important as the music and with technology increasing at exponential rates, artists can finally turn their dreams into realities. Daft Punk were the pioneers, paving the way by blending their music and their stage show into true performance art. The massive monolithic pyramid for their Alive 2007 tour inspired countless artists after them to go bigger and better.

In recent years, many artists have followed suit. Of course, the most notable would be Skrillex’s mentor, Deadmau5, the reigning king of inspired and unique stage shows. His Expert Griefing Machine is awe-inspiring, it is a technical and lighting marvel that no doubt plays a huge role in his ability to sell out shows.  Skrillex is following in his mentor’s footsteps with a new live production of his very own, but he’s one-upping the mau5 and beating him at his own game.

Read on to find out what makes the magic happen.

By using motion capture technology, Skrillex is bringing the performance art aspect of his stage show to an all new level. His every movement will be mimic’d by a custom avatar on the large screens behind him. He calls it the “Skrillex Cell”  and describes it to In The Mix as:

“I’m using motion-capture,” he revealed. “You know in movies when they use CG, they actually have people wearing infra-red sensors. So however I move I’m going to have giant 3D projections, like image-mapping. Monsters, skeletons and robots moving how I move. So that’s what’s in development right now, which should be very cool.”

For something still in development we’re seriously blown away. We can’t wait to see this in action on his Mothership Tour hitting 50 cities over the next three months.

Via: InTheMix

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