The M Machine’s debut EP drops on OWSLA, available nowThe M Machine

The M Machine’s debut EP drops on OWSLA, available now

Back in July we spoke about The M Machine, an electronic act whose origins remained a secret for months. We hyped them up as the next big electro act to watch, and if their debut release on Skrillex’s OWSLA is any indication, we were right. Their sound spans a wide spectrum of genres from electro to dubstep to indie and are awash in a chillingly lo-fi ambience. As musical genres converge and the electronic sound permeates all forms of popular music, acts like The M Machine are poised to leave their mark on the musical landscape.

Check out the tracks after the break.

The first song on the EP, “Promise Me a Rose Garden” boasts incredible vocals combined with teeth rattling bass that maintains its melody even while it sucker punches you in the mouth.

The second track, “Glow,” trades in P.M.A.R.G.’s aggressive synths for an 80s, new wave feel, with vocals replete in teenage angst.


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