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Tiesto – Maximal Crazy (New Remixes)

Isn’t it great when an original mix is very good and then a package of remixes come out that take the track to a whole new level (cut to all the people nodding with a huge smile)? That’s exactly what happened with “Maximal Crazy,” but then again you expected that to occur with the likes of R3hab, Swanky Tunes, and the Bassjackers unleashing their powerful touches. Let’s dive into the meaty sections of these bombs.

R3hab and Swanky Tunes used each of their respective trademark sounds to create a pulsing remix that emits an intoxicating amount of bass through your speakers. You can hear that distinct “Steam Gun” sound from Swanky Tunes in the bassline, however, the buildup incorporates all of R3hab’s signature ‘edgier’ noises. The sharpness of R3hab’s style combined with the progressive force of the Russian group gives you the perfect blend of both styles. This is straight up fire from start to finish.

The Bassjackers recreate the saying “go hard or go home” – it has recently been changed to “go hard or cease to exist.” This remix currently has more strength than the San Francisco 49ers defense (which is a whole hell of a lot). Make sure you maintain a low center of gravity to increase balance, because the Bassjackers fully intend on knocking you on your ass.

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