Tommy Trash – Blair Bitch Project (Original Mix)Tommytrash

Tommy Trash – Blair Bitch Project (Original Mix)

Man Crush: a strong and extremely complicated positive emotion that a straight male feels towards another male. It is by no means homosexual. (via Urban Dictionary)

The above statement is bold. In case you have been living under a rock in the middle of nowhere the past few months let us give you a little recap on how much power has been emitting through Tommy Trash’s studio: “Falling Out Of Love“, “Future Folk“, “Alive“, “One Last Ride“, and “The Edge Of Earth“. You know what the scary part is? Those releases were in the last two months. The Swedish House Mafia regularly dropped “The End” in their live sets, maybe he will be one of the opening DJs at their event at MSG? Either way do yourself a favor and listen to the “Blair Bitch Project” – fast forward to about 1:15 and let the craziness commence.

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