Tommy Trash – Ohrwurm (Preview)

You read our WMHA: Tommy Trash right? After reading the article you are probably sold on the fact that Tommy Trash is the hottest producer out right now. Well let us add a little bit to your thoughts. He is the hottest producer with the hottest women. Hot girls dancing? Check. Hot girls drinking? Check. Hot girls making out? Check. Tommy Trash is in the middle of all the ruckus, just throwing it down. Hopefully sometime in the near future we can join in the craziness (tomorrow?). You may not want to believe it at the moment, but we have our next big superstar right in our site. Dancing Astronaut suggests you get the hell on the bandwagon now, so you are not one of those middle of the road EDM fans who catches the hype way too late – you know who you are.

PS: After raving about the video and atmosphere, we would like to say that the track is effing fabulous and if you had any inclination to listen to good music you would click play.

Release Date: some time in November.

Dancing Astronaut meet and greet with the women in the video: some time in November.

Via: Fulton PR (Griff Fulton)

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