Tristan Garner – Overdrive (Original Mix)Tristan Garner

Tristan Garner – Overdrive (Original Mix)

Tristan Garner has done something completely different on “Overdrive” than we have seen on his previous releases. His remixes to Avicii’s “Street Dancer” and “Rapture,” and his originals like “Bounce” along side Gregori Klosman and “Shine Again” ft. Abigail Balley, are all the styles the Frenchman has already mastered and left behind to produce “Overdrive.” From the second “Overdrive” begins, Garner compiles a load of anticipating sound effects, which drop into an introduction of boastful rolling bass lines and mighty bass kicks, leaving us to question what he is going to possibly do next. At 1:45, utilizing his multi-faceted productional skills, Tristan Garner dishes out explosive harmonic piano synths with so much energy that will undoubtably take commanding control of crowds at any festival, club, and concert, hands down. *ANTHEM STATUS*


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