ADDK – Beat Goes Bad (David Hopperman & Jashari Remix)David Hopperman

ADDK – Beat Goes Bad (David Hopperman & Jashari Remix)

It is safe to say that this remix took us by surprise. French producer David Hopperman and Swiss counterpart Jashari create a stunning rendition to ADDK’s “Beat Goes Bad.” First off, the vocals are downright sexy – they are a perfect complement to the playful yet hard bassline. The build up is Thomas Gold-esque, due to the fact that leads into a big drop. The hook straddles that fine line between dirty and progressive which appeals to a vast majority of EDM listeners. This is the first time these guys have been featured on DA, however, we have a feeling that this won’t be their last.

Via: Facebook (David Hopperman), Beat My Day

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