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Adrian Lux ft. The Good Natured – Alive (Remixes)

As soon as we heard Adrian Lux’s “Alive” earlier this fall, we knew that an exciting remix package was not far behind. Yes, the original has a poppy bounce and powerful breakdown, but the vocals by The Good Natured – sharp and playful on the verses, smooth and seductive on the chorus – are too malleable to be left alone. Like the now-iconic vocals from Adrian Lux’s last hit, “Teenage Crime,” you can bet that we’ll be hearing various iterations of “Alive” in more than a few sets to come. Today, Ultra Records released “Part 1” of the “Alive” remixes, with renditions by Blende, Basto, Albin Meyers and Mysto & Pizzi. Click past the jump for our breakdown of the four remixes.

The Blende remix draws on some of the details of the original, twisting them into a more electro-tinged track. Using only the first few lines of the vocals allows this to be very much its own song, but that’s not necessarily a good thing – the full vocals could definitely have been worked in here.

The Good Natured’s vocals play a much more prominent role in the Basto remix, which uses some melodic piano and sounds not unlike what we’d expect from an Avicii remix of this track. Definitely solid, but perhaps a bit forgettable.

The Albin Meyers remix is where things to start to get interesting. We were excited to hear the preview of this track, and the full song doesn’t disappoint. It starts simple – a vocal sample and kickdrum – but big synths come in to add some much-appreciated drama. Add some unexpected wobble after the first chorus and you have all the makings of a remix with some serious oomph.

When we first heard “Alive,” we hoped for a remix much like Mysto & Pizzi‘s – progressive house with a dark, sexy edge to enhance the vocals. A big-room buildup is par for the course.

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