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ATB at Lavo NYC: 5 Tracks You Need To Know

Thursday night at LAVO NYC was yet another extravagant full house, with an owner’s birthday to celebrate and the legendary ATB on the turntables. Unsurprisingly, by midnight the line outside was over flowing into the streets and it became a true mission to pass the red ropes. Once the Dancing Astronaut team got inside, it was only a matter of 25 minutes before André Tanneberger began to set up. Ranked as a top 20 DJ over the last few years according to DJ Mag’s Top 100 — and especially popular for his influential trance productions — ATB’s set was quite the opposite from what we expected, yet genuinely entertaining. Keep on reading for 5 tracks you need to know!

1. Red Carpet – Alright 2011 (Marcus Schossow Remix)  

“Alright” has been around forever, and in the 2011 remix, Marcus Schossow combined the older uplifting vibes with a harder and darker progressive drop. The track has the perfect balance between hard and soft house, and was responsible for getting the party going.

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2. Fatboy Slim – Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix)  

Until hearing this track blasted on an incredible sound system, we never really appreciated how good it really is.  The crew was shocked when ATB dropped the Moguai remix of “Ya Mama.” Fatboy’s Slim dubbed voice repeating “Push The Tempo,” slowed down and then progressively sped up into a filthy electro drop. At this point, the piercing horns were being sounded and tons of cold nitrous oxide was spreading heavily throughout the dance floor. As you can imagine, the crowd went into a dancing frenzy.

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3. Zedd – Shave It (Original Mix)

The tempo was high and we were expecting trance/progressive like tracks to take over, but ATB was not finished. He went far enough out of his style to play Zedd’s “Shave It,” and although Tommy Trash and Kaskade have come out with stellar remixes, the original is just too good to be ignored. The juicy bass lines and pounding bass kicks deeply satisfied the already wild crowd, and we continued asking ourselves — is this really ATB?!

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4. Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux – Eagles (Original Mix) 

About an hour into the set, ATB began sounding more like himself when he dropped the heavenly “Eagles.” This is one of the best tracks off Sander’s Eleve11 album, and ATB undoubtably knew that when he decided to change the vibe up. The crowd immediately began shouting as ATB began teasing a variety of trance classics into tracks like “Eagles.”

5. ATB – 9PM (Till I Come)

Last but definitely not least is ATB’s “9PM (Till I Come).” This is hands down one of the biggest tracks ATB has ever produced, responsible for much of ATB’s success, and was a revolutionary track to the EDM world when it was released. ATB continued to tease this track throughout the night and the crowd couldn’t handle not hearing the full track for obvious reasons — it is so damn good.

The night was a huge success, and ATB’s set was more diverse and impressive than we expected. It’s always very exciting to see older veteran EDM artists conform their track listings to that of the newer generation. Additionally, a LAVO NYC favorite Ryan Marciano, made a special late night guest appearance in the DJ booth!

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