Benny Benassi’s “Close To Me” music video debuts, makes us feel like old friends

Benny Benassi’s “Close To Me” video shows what it’s like for those lucky enough to travel around with him on a particularly crazy weekend. Combining footage from Electric Zoo in New York, North Coast Festival in Chicago, Guvernment in Toronto, and Marquee LV, viewers get a chance to feel like they’re standing right there in the booth with Benny, watching over his every move.

We start off on a private jet with Benny and Gary Go, and are quickly transported from festival to festival where Benny brings the heat and Gary takes care of the vocals. Despite being laced with monstrous crowd shots and the usual EDM fanfare, the entire video feels intimate and matches the track quite nicely. It shows off Benny’s signature smile and playful demeanor through and through — right up to the final frame.

Via: Ultra Records