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Boys Noize destroys Webster Hall, 11/18/2011

Webster Hall is a strange place, it is a carnival in the most literal sense of the word. Every week it hosts a variety of acts, from indie rock bands, to rappers, to tech house DJs – each act transforming the ancient space into a unique experience all their own. At Webster Hall no two nights are ever the same, the only constants are the sticky floors and ever present scent of spilled drinks. For this editor, Webster Hall quite simply feels like home. On November 18th, Alexander Ridha, better known as the masterful DJ, Boys Noize, began his Acid on USA tour by blasting his unique blend of acid and tech house – furiously shaking the club for over 4 hours. Read all about this GBH event after the jump.

As an avid (see: obsessive) fan of electronic dance music in all its forms, one must admit that there are times that the scene begins to feel a bit stale, when the constant barrage of top 40 remixes and danceable rhythms grows tired and mundane. Lets face it, for every truly unique and inspired artist we encounter, there are dozens who follow behind them, imitating rather than creating, eating the scraps off the tables of those that came before them. Boys Noize is not that artist, he doesn’t eat any scraps and he doesn’t leave any either. He is one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene, plain and simple. By combining impressive live mixing ability with a unique and innovative sound, Alexander Ridha has solidified himself as a true force in EDM.

Taking the stage at 1:30 am, Boys Noize assaulted the crowd at Webster Hall for over 4 relentless hours. Alex set the mood of the evening from the get go, opening his set with the unreleased track “XTC” (Editor’s Note: This is still an ID track, not the actual name) From that moment forward there was no question in anyone’s mind, this was going to be a full blown rave. Effortlessly utilizing 4 decks, Alex ran across the stage mixing an impressive catalog of tracks. The nonstop barrage of breakbeats, disco, techno, and electro proved to every concertgoer in attendance that the Boys Noize experience is a unique one. Ridha’s stage presence is infectious, his energy and mixing ability is impossible to ignore. The hours felt like minutes as a sonic cacophony turned Webster Hall’s mainroom into a maelstrom of gyrating bodies (how’s that for SAT vocab?). Walking out of the club and into the cold Manhattan morning, we felt simultaneously exhausted and refreshed, having had our love for EDM renewed by one of the scene’s most consistent talents.

Unfamiliar with Boys Noize? Tired of Coldplay and Katy Perry remixes? Check out some of the tracks below to get your acid house fix.

Boys Noize – Jeffer (Original Mix)

We love the subtle electro influence on Jeffer. While most electro tracks favor intricate, multi layered synths that stutter and wobble, Jeffer keeps it simple by adding electro elements over a simple techno beat.

Boys Noize – 10 10 (Original Mix)

Dark and Ominous, 10 10 is everything acid house should be. It’s undecipherable lyrics float hauntingly over the 303s, claps and rides.

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan – Lemonade (Original Mix)

Our favorite Boys Noize track, Lemonade blends a hammering sawtooth synth with just the right amount of high pitched sugar.

MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel – Nous Sommes (Original Mix)

There is no better way to describe this track other than “wonky.” We love the simple techno elements matched with the occasional pitch bended synth.

Worthy & Eats Everything – Tric Trac

This is old school breakbeat at its finest. Minimal and gritty, its simplicity and tweaked build are matched with an infectious groove.

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