Dabruck & Klein - 2:48 (Original Mix)

Dabruck & Klein – 2:48 (Original Mix)

Following up with their remix of Jean Elan’s “Flashed,” Dabruck & Klein have created “2:48” a pure progressive trance track that is perfect for zoning out. This duo has been firing out hard progressive jams for quite a few years now, so seeing the change of pace is nice. The name of the track is interesting – we think they named it after the exact hour and minute that would be ideal for this tune to be played, kind of like one of those recommendations on a food package that says “best used by.” This was released on November 7th on Armin Van Buuren’s imprint Armada Music. Keep on the lookout for their remix of Veracocha’s “Carte Blanche.”

Via: Facebook (Dabruck & Klein)

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