Dash Berlin at Escape from Wonderland 2011 – 5 tracks you need to know

Jeff Sutorius is a crazy person. The Dash Berlin frontman’s performance at Escape from Wonderland was astounding — not only for the amazing music, but also for his on-stage antics. We were completely amazed by his unyielding energy levels and commi

tment to jumping around like a madman. After 90 minutes with Dash Berlin, we can safely say that we’ve never seen anyone fist-pump so furiously (including the cast of Jersey Shore). At the Mad Hatter’s Hospital stage, Sutorius justified his lofty ranking in this year’s DJ Mag Top 100. Dash Berlin is one of the greatest dance acts in the world — the finest purveyor of vocal trance this side of a certain Armin van Buuren. Here are the five tracks you need to know from Dash Berlin’s set at Escape from Wonderland.

1. Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren – Fight the Fire (Norin & Rad Remix)

There’s an element of storytelling to Dash Berlin’s sets (as indeed there is to all good trance shows), and “Fight the Fire” certainly takes you on a journey. Once the drop kicked in, we knew we were in for a hell of a ride.

2. Dash Berlin – Till the Sky Falls Down (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix)

Have you ever been to a show when one of your favorite tracks comes on? You start singing, a little self-consciously at first, because you know the lyrics are a little cheesy, and no normal person should ever get this excited in public. But then you realize that you don’t really give a shit what anyone else thinks. You’re having a great time, so you sing louder. You look around, and the entire audience is singing its collective lungs out. That’s what happened when the sky fell down.

3. Dash Berlin ft. Jonathan Mendelson – Better Half of Me

Jonathan Mendelson’s voice is utterly perfect for Dash Berlin’s soaring trance melodies. This song is both uplifting and beautiful, and it’s impossible not to get a little emotional when it plays. Every audience member with a significant other in attendance spent the duration of this track making out like their lives depended on it.

4. Dash Berlin vs. Above & Beyond – Disarm Your Sun & Moon (Dash Berlin Mashup)

“Sun & Moon” is this editor’s favorite song. Nothing will ever compare to Above & Beyond’s devastating club mix, but this Dash Berlin mashup gets pretty close. This song has a completely different feel to the A&B version, because Dash Berlin has paired the melancholy vocals from “Sun & Moon” with a major chord progression instead of the original’s minor one.

5. Armin van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Not Giving Up On Love (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix)

Armin may have lost his top spot in the DJ Mag poll to David Guetta, but he’ll always have a special place in our hearts. There’s only one word to describe the best Armin tracks: epic.