Dirty South & Thomas Gold – Alive (Michael Brun Remix)

Dirty South & Thomas Gold – Alive (Michael Brun Remix)DA Stargazer Pic

A few months back we started our “Stargazers” column through which we shine the light on upcoming talent that we feel has the potential to rise to the top of the EDM world. Our inaugural Stargazers selection, Michael Brun, wasted absolutely zero time with his ascension. The Davidson College attendee has got some great tunes coming out with major artists we can’t share quite yet with our DA fans but we can give you a clue. One of the artists goes Hard… and does it damn Well! For those of you looking for new talent in the progressive sector of EDM this kid will surely satiate your hunger. Check out his latest remix and a preview of an official mix he is whipping up.

Check out Michael Brun’s hard-hitting remix of Dirty South and Thomas Gold’s “Alive”: 

BONUS: Here’s a preview of Brun’s remix of “Dancing” by Delivio Reavon and Aaron Gill

Via: Soundcloud

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