French disco dynamo Surkin invades the US with aptly-titled full length albumSurkinUSA

French disco dynamo Surkin invades the US with aptly-titled full length album

Prepare your ears for some French disco deliciousness because Surkin’s US debut — aptly entitled “USA” — is a relentless blend of French house, nu-disco and electro-pop that is so sweet from start to finish it may give you diabetes. 16 eclectic tracks make up this full length LP, each with its own unique groove covering a wide spectrum of sounds and styles.

Want to hear more? Head past the jump for the album teaser, full track list, and a few of our personal favorites.

From the French house-inspired “Lose Yourself” featuring the vocal stylings of Ann Saunderson to the infectious “White Knight Two,” there is not a single track that doesn’t make you want to dance. Adopting and adapting the style and feel of eighties urban America — a world he has only ever experienced vicariously through popular culture — Surkin has created something truly unique.

Exuberantly energetic and refreshingly juvenile, “USA” will easily find a home in both dance clubs as well as car stereos. In a world that is often overpopulated with big drops and even bigger egos, Surkin reminds us that when all is said and done, music is meant to be fun.

Surkin – USA (Album Teaser)

1. Let’s Ride

2. Lose Yourself (ft. Ann Saunderson)

3. Love Shot

4. I.N.Y.N

5. Fireworks Hotmix

6. Silver Island

7. White Knight Two

8. Rock It

9. Harry (ft. Bobmo)

10. Never Let Go (ft. Kevin Irving)

11. Fan Out

12. Gold Island

13. Ultra Light

14. Quattro (ft. Bobmo)

15. Silver Springs Anthem

16. UK Morning

Recommended Tracks: Lose Yourself (ft. Ann Saunderson), White Knight Two, I.N.Y.N.

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