Laidback Luke debuts Super You & Me Radio at SiriusXM HQ, turns ordinary office into a dance party

Laidback Luke debuts Super You & Me Radio at SiriusXM HQ, turns ordinary office into a dance party

The Midtown Manhattan offices of Sirius XM are, in a word, unassuming. Checking in with security and taking the elevators up to the 36th floor on a dreary weekday night, it was natural to wonder how the building could host an artist like Laidback Luke. But the SiriusXM lobby was transformed from entryway to full-out dance party as Laidback Luke mixed the debut episode of his new weekly Electric Area show Super You & Me Radio. A select few fans and listeners were treated to a typically high-energy set from Luke – as well as a sit-down interview with the Dutch legend and SiriusXM host Danny Valentino. Dancing Astronaut was there for all the action; click past the break for our review.

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Laidback Luke and Valentino were situated inside a giant glass cube in the center of the office. For many artists, this might have been an obstacle to connecting with the rows of fans seated outside – but not for Luke. He took fan questions during the interview portion of the night, and gamely danced and interacted with them throughout his set. During the interview, Laidback Luke was as humble and, well, laid-back as always, telling Valentino how he’s gotten used to the travel his job demands. “Wherever I lay my carry-on,” he said, “that’s my home.”

He also talked about the idea behind his legendary “Super You & Me” parties, in which both he and the crowd dress up like superheroes. He wants to banish the idea of being “too cool” to dance and “bring back the fun into house music.” “I believe the best times you have are [when you’re] just having crazy super fun,” Luke told the audience.DSC 1009PHOTO CREDIT Enes Kolenovic E1322665784918

To that end, his set definitely did not disappoint. Starting off with Congorock’s banging new single “Ivory” (and his signature robot dance moves, of course), Luke transitioned between songs at a quick clip, pulling in not only current favorites but picks from his extensive catalogue too. He wisely used Lil Jon’s vocals from the Sidney Samson track “Mutate” to jump over to his own classic “Turbulence.” He also gave a little air time to his new remix of Chris Lake’s “Sundown,” along with his own “Cinema” remix and “Natural Disaster,” his collaboration with Example. Sure, the crowd may have been separated from Luke by a glass partition, but they were fully engaged, jumping out of their seats to salute and dance with Luke. We’ve long thought that Luke is one of the nicest guys in the industry, and he didn’t prove us wrong last night, staying at the studios until he had met every last fan.

DSC 1007PHOTO CREDIT Enes Kolenovic E1322665679916If this first mix (and its reception from the crowd) was any indication, Super You & Me Radio will have a long, successful life on Electric Area. Listen to the debut episode on Saturday at 7PM EST, with new mixes dropping every week.

Photos by Enes Kolenovic

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