Behind the Booth 002: Nervo makes its first splash at Ruby Skye in San Francisco (video)

For those of you that aren’t business savvy, let’s brush up on our marketing skills. When you are offering a product or a service you want to make that particular item, company, or person the most appealing to your target audience. You want to identify the consumer, satisfy the consumer, and keep that consumer coming back for more. So the question arises — who is/are the easiest EDM artist(s) to market? A few names may pop into mind: David Guetta, Afrojack, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, blah, blah, blah. The correct answer may in fact be Liv and Mim, the two spunky blondes that make up Nervo. Here’s a list why:

1) 2 hot blondes (enough said).

2) “Irresistible,” “We’re All No One,” and “The Way We See The World.”

3) Their new track “Army” is truly ‘next level’ type of stuff.

4) High energy. Always engaged with the crowd.

Every marketing professionals’ dream job right?

Behind the Booth 002: Nervo makes its first splash at Ruby Skye in San Francisco (video)IMG 7964 Z

On this particular evening at Ruby Skye, Nervo was given the very early set. Quite honestly, this doesn’t do them justice, yet they still managed to destroy the decks. Even if the crowd wasn’t high energy to start out with, they managed to create an uplifting vibe on their own. Imagine these two girls at a festival.

Dancing Astronaut’s “Importance of the Smile” Test: This goes out to all the aspiring DJs out there. If you can’t make it seem like you are having fun, this is not the job for you. Seriousness is appreciated, but only when meshed with a large dose of ‘happy.’ Nervo passes with flying colors.

Without further ado, here are the 5 tracks you need to know from their set:

1. Nervo ft. Afrojack & Steve Aoki – We’re All No One (Hook N Sling Remix)

Hook N Sling’s remix of “We’re All No One” is the definition of progressive fire. Ruby Skye’s sound system definitely did this track justice, not to mention that Nervo and the crowd went wild during the entirety of the tune. Nervo were considered the openers for ATB, but dropping stuff like this made it seem the other way around.

2. Nervo – Army [Preview]

Nervo announced to the crowd that the release of “Army” would be coming in December or January. Give this one a listen, it is effing huge. This definitely garnered one of those moments where you place your hands on top of your head and mouth to your friends “holy shit.” Needless to say, we lost it.

3. Third Party – Duel (Original Mix)

Is this not one of the most underrated tunes of the year? The build up may arguably be the best out of any track in 2011. This is the ultimate DJ weapon and Nervo fired it off with ease. The drop makes you believe that you can cut shapes into any dancefloor.

4. Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix)

Here is our explanation for this song being one of the 5 tracks you need to know: “Duh.”

5. Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go – Close To Me (R3hab Remix)

We think the literal meaning for ‘R3hab’ is absolutely crazy. Everything this guy touches turns the venue you are at upside down. The fact that Nervo loves the hard style only adds to the ambience of it all.

Editors Note: Looks like that Argentinian guy struck out. Liv or Mim – want to go out on a date? I won’t order a half bottle of wine.

Video by Marco Curiel