Digitalism takes their shot at the ‘Syndicate’ theme, keeps it 16-bitty

The second track from Electronic Arts’ latest first person shooter, Syndicate, is available to download for free on the game’s Facebook page. This time the German duo Digitalism add some gritty electro flavor with a stuttering, almost schizophrenic, bass line. Producing their tracks in a decommissioned World War II bunker, Digitalism pays homage to the original Syndicate (created in 1993) with this track’s distinctly 16-bit feel.

We really like the approach Electronic Arts’ is taking, not since Nine Inch Nails did the music for the Quake series have serious electronic artists been represented in videogames. Not to mention that without the music this game still looks absolutely incredible — couple that with a soundtrack featuring Skrillex and Digitalism and I’ve got a raging nerd boner.

Download: Facebook

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