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Zedd – The Aftershave

For those of you that have been ‘out of the loop’ or don’t have eyes or ears, Zedd’s “Aftershave” has fallen upon us. Tommy Trash and Kaskade have both given us some grungy remixes of “Shave It.” Let’s dive into the details below.

We seem to think that Kaskade’s work with Skrillex (think: “Lick It“) has influenced him in a dirty sort of way – sexual innuendo not intended. This remix has a considerable wobble that takes you by surprise when you listen to Kaskade’s previous work. That being said, Kaskade is a multi-faceted artist and pulls this one off with ease.

Zedd – Shave It (Kaskade Remix)

Tommy Trash uses the hook from the original mix extremely well throughout this remix. After listening to both remixes you would think that Tommy Trash’s rendition would have a dubbier style, however, it is Kaskade’s that adds that extra layer of filth. If you are more into electro-house based music as opposed to dubstep – Tommy’s remix is your choice from this package.

Zedd – Shave It (Tommy Trash Remix)

Via: Facebook (Tommy Trash)

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