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Avicii and the Ash Alliance launch House for Hunger Tour

Sometimes a dose of perspective is all you need. Our financial problems are superficial at best: $10 beers and cab fares, expensive festival tickets and neon t-shirts. The thought of being unable to afford a basic human need escapes us. Most, if not all of our fans enjoy 3 meals a day (even the college kids eating Ramen noodles) but for a vast majority of less fortunate American citizens, hunger has become a real problem.

By embodying the energy and love inherent in all dance music, Avicii, The Ash Alliance, and At Night have teamed up with Feeding America to bring us the “House for Hunger” tour.

Starting on January 5th, Avicii plans to flex his progressive house muscle by playing 25 shows in 25 days across the US — all in the name of feeding the starving and impoverished in America.

Read past the break for tour dates, tickets, and information from Avicii and Ash themselves.

The obvious question would be “Why the US?” Avicii discusses;

It feels right to kick this off in the US. Seeing how many amazing experiences and opportunities America has given me the past two years, as well as the support I’ve gotten from my fans here, I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I actually can help and make a difference, especially to a country that’s given me so much.

In addition to donations and support from sponsors all across the United States, the Avicii camp plans to personally donate 1 million dollars as well. Yes, you read right, directly out of their pockets.

Avicii’s manager Ash elaborates:

We’ll be touring all across the country working hard on a tight schedule and Tim and I will personally donate a total of $1m in gig fees that we earn from the tour. Sponsors are planned to come on board to take care of any extras such as travel, logistics, hotels etc. As it’s an intense schedule we have to make sure Tim is rested – if it was a week or so, I’d be happy to spend the nights at schools or whatever to further demonstrate the cause but I don’t care, if we have to (meaning if we can not get a sponsor) we’ll cover those costs ourselves rather than dip in to the million dollars raised from fees. Those are earmarked to go directly to the cause.

In closing, I also felt that something needed to be done to the entire scene to have people understand what the music is about. A lot of people have bad association and prejudice against the house/trance/rave/electronic scene. Drugs and reckless partying is for some reason still what some people think is a requirement to enjoy the music. I wanted to bring awareness to the love that house music always has been about. The energy in our music specifically has resulted in hundreds of thousands of fans explicitly expressing the euphoria they feel when enjoying it. All in all, we’ve always said we never do any of what we do just for the money but for the love of the music and everything it stands for. This is the steps we can take to share our success and give back to the world that has embraced us.

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