Axwell at The Warfield Theater, November 26, 2011: 5 tracks you need to know

Axwell’s show at The Warfield epitomized what he brings to the table. From crowd energy to song selection, everything was on point. The guy basically brings songs to life. Every time I see him, he brings songs to life and delivers some of the best events I’ve ever been to. Judging by the reaction of the people around me, it’s safe to say that they thought so as well.

The single biggest moment of the night for me wasn’t having “Save The World” played, but rather when he dropped “Resurrection” during the beginning of his set. Many people were complaining that this didn’t qualify as a Tier 1 track, but we believe you’ll reconsider when you hear it out in a proper setting. This tune is flat out huge. See it live, then pass your judgments. Keep reading for more.

Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell’s Re-Cut Club Version)

Here are a few other tunes that you need to know from his set:

Axwell vs. Rem vs. Ferry Corsten – Heart Is King vs. Losing My Religion vs. Punk (Axwell Bootleg)

This track is big. Not only is “Heart Is King” underrated, but it blends some of the most noticeable vocals in the game along with it. Then “Punk” comes on and everyone around you collectively loses their shit. Needless to say, Axwell proves yet again that he is the man.

Deniz Koyu – Hydra

Deniz Koyu is one of the most underrated producers of the moment. Besides “Tung,” “Hydra” and the more recent “Hertz” are two phenomenal progressive tracks. This guy should be a household name by now and yet only the more dedicated of EDM fans even know about it. We’ll do our part to try and change that.

Lady GaGa – Judas (Thomas Gold Remix)

This is probably one of my personal top 10 – 15 tracks of the year. The pulsing bassline just does it for me and it goes well with any progressive set. What sets this track apart from everything else in Axwell’s set is how crazy he was going during the entire tune. That sort of energy just emits throughout the entire theater.

Arty vs. Matisse & Sadko  – Trio

It hasn’t been released yet (anticipation building…), but you damn well know it is going to be replayed numerous times. Along with “Trio,” Thomas Gold’s “Sing2me,” and “People Of The Night” are the biggest tunes that need to come out like now.

Here are a few other thoughts I picked up on while at the Warfield theater. Axwell loves his fog, just like I do. I like excessive amounts of it to the point where it makes me choke. However, I can’t say the same for glitter. I get that it adds to the moment and that girls think it looks pretty, but it’s also impossible to get out of your hair for days. So please for the love of God use the white streamers instead — they look just as good and aren’t a pain.

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