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Diplo – Horsey Remixes EP

To the left, to the right! The mastermind behind Mad Decent records, Diplo, just dropped another moombahton monster.  The “Horsey Remixes EP” has a little something for everyone, as long as that something is squealing synths, off tempo kicks, and candy coated vocals so pointless that you can’t help but have them get stuck in your head.

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Diplo – Horsey (Original Mix)

The original mix is the most moombahton of the package, it’s simple and stripped down just the way we like it.

Diplo – Horsey (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)

Lazerdisk keeps the party going but adds in some smooth synth chords to get you moving.

Diplo – Horsey (Far East Udon Treatment Remix)

Our personal favorite, the Far East Udon Treatment deepens the synth, adds some energetic vocal stutters and increases the energy of the original ten fold.

Diplo – Horsey (Sonora Remix)

Sonora goes hard on this remix by blasting the synth and beefing up the breakdown with snares, claps, and horse hooves.

Diplo – Horsey (Sparklefoxxx Remix)

Sparklefoxxx kicks the tempo through the roof and wins the award for most inventive way to start a drop – with a horse whinny.

Diplo – Horsey (Fordinho’s Ibiza Pony Remix)

We aren’t quite sure what to say about this one? It completely strips out any semblance of moombahton and replaces it with a trancey soundscape. Our least favorite of the lot, but worth mentioning in case Enya is your thing?