Felguk and Dirtyloud – Nudge (Original Mix)Nudge1

Felguk and Dirtyloud – Nudge (Original Mix)

For those of you having a case of the Mondays, Brazilian electro dynamos Felguk and Dirtyloud have teamed up to give you that much needed “Nudge” to make it through your day. With its dutchy bassline, glitchy drops, and big room build in the middle of the song, “Nudge” seems to run the gamut of EDM styles.

Although it’s tough to classify this track under any one genre, what we can tell you is that “Nudge” is a high-octane banger that definitely has the ability to start a party wherever it is played.

So, if coffee wasn’t enough to kickstart your Monday, head on over to Beatport, download this song, and we promise you’ll perk right up.


Felguk and Dirtyloud – Nudge (Original Mix)

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