Laidback Luke and Mixmash Records release the 2011 year mixDSC 1005PHOTO CREDIT Enes Kolenovic1 E1322665624736

Laidback Luke and Mixmash Records release the 2011 year mix

It’s that time of the year again! As usual, Laidback Luke delivers a phenomenal mix highlighting some of the biggest tracks of the year released on Mixmash Records. From start to finish this mix doesn’t give you a second to catch your breath. It’s fast, energetic, and unrelenting — covering 36 tracks in just over 37 minutes. Luke once again asserts himself as one of the premiere DJs in the game today. This one will be available for download in less than an hour, so keep checking back.

Tracklist after the break.

1 Junior Sanchez – Weee! (Play Da Rave) (Original Mix)
2 Quintino & Apster – Musik Oh (Original Mix)
3 Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – We Are (Original Mix)
4 SWISS Official – Sing Sing (Original Mix) [Back2Back Series Vol. 1]
5 Lorcan Mak – Gypsy Bum (Rubix Refix)
6 Sandro Silva – Push Push (Original Mix) [Back2Back Series Vol.2]
7 Laidback Luke vs. Example – Natural Disaster (Andy C Remix)
8 Martin Volt – O.T.S (Original Mix)
9 Swanky Tunes feat. Mr. V.I. – Together (Original Mix)
10 Austin Leeds – Freeze (Original Mix) [Back2Back Series vol.4]
11 Patric La Funk ft. Grace Regine – Time And Time Again (Laidback Luke Edit)
12 Revero – You Are Mine (Original Mix)
13 Laidback Luke & Sander van Doorn – Who’s Wearing The Cap (Original Mix)
14 LOOPERS – Amnesia (Original Mix)
15 Angger Dimas – Hey Freak (Original Mix)
16 Angger Dimas – Doomsday (Original Mix) [Back2Back Series Vol. 2]
17 CZR, Paul Anthony & ZXX – Understand (Original Mix)
18 Mata – Dutchness (Original Mix)
19 Dyro – Klav (Original Mix) [Back2Back Series Vol. 4]
20 La Fuente – Bang Bang (Original Mix)
21 Micky Slim – I’m A Freak (Original Mix)
22 Billy The Klit & Dani L. Mebius – Kniftig (Original Mix)
23 Richard Vission & The Violator – 2 To The 3 (Original Mix)
24 Jay Robinson – Optimal Grime (Original Mix)
25 Jay Robinson – Deceptistep (Original Mix)
26 GTA – Next To Us (Dubstep Mix)
27 La Fuente – No Boundaries (Original Mix)
28 Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki ft. Lil Jon – Turbulence (Original Mix)
29 Avesta & B. Valley – Dutchano (Laidback Luke Edit)
30 Richard Vission – Boombaa (Original Mix)
31 Lazy Ants – M.I.N.I (BUSTER) [Back2Back Series Vol. 3]
32 Earl Da Grey – Spiral [Back2Back Series Vol. 3]
33 GTA ft. Zashanell – U & I (Laidback Luke Remix)
34 Fadi – Ticket To The Sky (Original Mix)
35 Revero – Some Sort Of Love (Original Mix)
36 Blink, Gianni Marino & Metsi – Bahasa (Original Mix)