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Martin Solveig at Pacha NYC 12.3.11: 5 Tracks You Need To Know

Martin Solveig’s arrival to NYC was highly anticipated ever since he missed Electric Zoo this past September. Pacha NYC’s 6th Anniversary celebration was the perfect opportunity for Martin to make it up to his New York fans, alongside Hardwell and R3hab. Meeting Solveig back stage, we saw the excitement and fire in his eyes as he was waiting to deliver the hungry crowd exactly what they wanted. After Solveig praised Hardwell for doing such an incredible job on the decks, he confidently stepped into the spot light and began one of the most exhilarating and vitalizing performances DA and Pacha NYC have experienced in a while. Known for his ability to supply masses with extremely diverse sets, Martin Solveig played the best of everything alongside his own greatest classics. Read more for 5 tracks you need to know!

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Martin Solveig & Dragonette ft. Idoling!!! – Big In Japan (Les Bros Remix)

As his follow up to “Hello,” there was no doubt that Martin Solveig wouldn’t play his latest hit single “Big In Japan.” Even though the Les Bros remix is our favorite rendition, we were quite surprised that Solveig chose to play it instead of his classic original. Retaining Dragonette’s impressive vocals, the high energy electro remix caused chaos in the already rowdy pit — even though it was relatively early in the set.

Bingo Players – Rattle (Original Mix)

Even though Hardwell chose to play “Rattle” in his set, Martin still decided to unleash its unconventional and wacky Dutch sound again for the pulsating crowd. Although it was played twice, there were no complaints or second guesses for why Solveig banged out this beastly track. By the way, be sure to check out their latest track “Mode” if you’re digging the Bingo Players sound. 

Martin Solveig ft. Kele – Ready 2 Go (Single Edit)

Going back to his roots, Solveig played this old school tune and had all of Pacha singing the joyous lyrics louder than the track – “Cause I’m ready to go, I’m ready to go if you say so!

David Guetta & Afrojack – Lunar (Original Mix) 

Since we think it’s a David Guetta and Afrojack masterpiece that’s terribly underplayed, hearing “Lunar” put a smile on our faces. The progressively futuristic sounds of “Lunar” literally warped the crowd and the astronauts fortunate enough to watch into a state of pure ecstasy.

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Deadmau5 ft. Greta Svabo Bech – Raise Your Weapon (Original Mix)

Hearing a Deadmau5 track being played at Pacha NYC is like witnessing a hurricane in California (it’s rare). This is the type of song that literally brings a whole crowd of raging lunatics to a halt, giving everyone a two minute breather to reflect on a top-notch night and appreciate the beauty of Deadmau5’s music. Greta’s soft and divine voice brought chills down our spines as Solveig was closing his set, and the massive crowd began to sway back and forth like a unified body of EDM lovers.

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