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Morgan Page ft. Tegan & Sara – Body Work

We’re suckers for kick-ass vocals here at DA: the kind you feel like you’ve known forever the first time you hear them, the kind that get instantly stuck in your head. Though he’s a producer with myriad talents, Morgan Page‘s biggest strength may be his incredible sense for just this type of vocal. “Body Work,” his follow-up to the irrepressible single “In The Air,” boasts the kind of vocal we love and have come to expect from his productions. Canadian sisters Tegan & Sara put their rich voices and flawless harmonies to work, with a uniquely unudulant and funky chorus melody that has us hitting the “repeat” button. The beat here mainly serves as a stage for Tegan & Sara’s voices, boasting Page’s typical progressive synths and a sexy breakdown. If the “In The Air” remixes are any indication, we have a lot to look forward to when other DJs and artists get their hands on “Body Work.”

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