Sensation White coming to America in 2012, Americans have no idea what’s in store

When we checked out Sensation White in Barcelona, we told you it was one of the most unique events we’ve ever been to. Well, we’ve got good news for those of you who can’t just hop on a plane to Europe: the festival will be making its way to America in 2012! The teaser above was uploaded to Sensation’s YouTube page a few days ago, and though it makes the event a little more overwhelming than exhilarating, we can assure you that this is one event you will not want to miss. The production at Sensation was one of the best we’ve ever seen, and it we’re fascinated to see where they’ll do it. The arena environment was really integral to the experience in Spain, and there are only so many similar venues in the States. Oh well, guess we’ll just kill the time watching YouTube videos until more is announced in March.