Swedish House Mafia teases Miami 2012 on new website, obligatory code included

Swedish House Mafia teases Miami 2012 on new website, obligatory code included

There’s something to be said for consistency, and we have to say that Swedish House Mafia is consistently one of the best groups we’ve ever seen at teasing us with cryptic messages. First it was numbers, then it was scrambled codes in shows, and no they’re back again with a new cryptic website (MasqueradeMotel.com) counting down to Miami 2012. After their impressive showing at Madison Square Garden, we’re certain that they will be trying to raise the bar and do something even more wild than last year. Maybe they’ll even do a multi-day extravaganza, and, you know, be able to accommodate everyone who they sell tickets to. The three clocks on the teaser website are still a mystery to us, but you know we’re already digging for intel on what they have up their sleeves this time. Sound off with your conspiracy theories in the comments.

Update: We’ve just been tipped on another teaser website up at MasqueradeMotelMiami.com with an even bolder teaser. To see the message for yourself, click through below… And no, we have no idea why the third clock has three arms.

Update 2: After a bit more thinking, we’ve deduced that the clocks above point to 07.04.12, or April 7th, 2012, which also happens to be a Saturday. Might SHM back away from UMF in 2012 and claim an entire weekend for itself? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Update 3: The site has again been updated, this time with 28 clocks, 24 of which currently activate when you hover over them. This looks like some countdown of sorts, but beyond that we don’t know anything else.

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