Tiesto Remixes The Mission Impossible ThemeTom Cruise Mission Impossible 4

Tiesto Remixes The Mission Impossible Theme

For those of you that have been living in the middle of the nowhere or underneath a rock, Mission Impossible has always been one of the highly regarded movies of our time (assuming you aren’t old). One of the premier actors ever, Tom Cruise, plays the part of Ethan Hunt, a super agent who has an uncanny ability of saving the world. In Tom’s day to day life he is also well known for being the face of Scientology (again – if you live under a rock this is a belief system). Unfortunately for Mr. Cruise, Tiesto has risen above the ranks of the common man and warped into a God, without any counseling (auditing) necessary. Can Tiesto turn the Mission Impossible theme song into a dancefloor juggernaut?? Click play and download to find out.

NOTE: DA does not mean to offend any Scientologists out there, just don’t bullshit us by saying that Tiesto is not a higher power. You can see where he is ranked on Dancing Astronaut‘s Top 50 Artist List premiering next week!

Download: Mission Impossible – Theme (Tiesto Remix)

Via: Rephlektor