Afrojack ft. Shermanology – Can’t Stop Me (Original Mix)Afrojack Shermanology Cant Stop Me Anthem 1

Afrojack ft. Shermanology – Can’t Stop Me (Original Mix)

Stop what you’re doing and listen to “Can’t Stop Me,” finally released today on Afrojack’s Wall Recordings. We’ve had low-quality radio and YouTube rips in our libraries for months, but listening to the official release makes us certain: this track is going to be HUGE. It will appeal to longtime Afrojack lovers and late-to-the-game EDM fans alike, straddling the line between electro house and mainstream dance-pop. Its lead synths are a little softer than those of “Take Over Control,” Afrojack’s last big crossover hit, and Shermanology’s vocals are lyrically simple but beautifully sung. Enjoy the fleeting feeling of superiority that comes from knowing “Can’t Stop Me” before your friends, because soon it will be everywhere. This is the sound of 2012, people.

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