Alex Kenji & Manuel De La Mare – Acid As 303 (Original Mix)Manueldelamare Ale Kenji Acid As 303 E1326228905596

Alex Kenji & Manuel De La Mare – Acid As 303 (Original Mix)

Imagine your favorite football team coming out of the locker room and running into a chanting crowd of 70,000-plus people. What would you want to hear in the background as all the commotion was going on? The correct answer is… acid house. What’s even better is that throughout the years we’ve had a few straight up gems from this sub-genre. Think: “Pacha On Acid” and “Teasing Mr. Charlie.” Hell, even LMFAO decided to hop on the bandwagon with “Sexy And I Know It.” The next wave of acid house bangers is starting with “Acid As 303” and Ash’s “PAPA.” If you ever need an extra dose of energy, avoid pounding a 5-Hour Energy; instead; strap your headphones on and give “Acid As 303” a listen.

Via: Facebook (Alex Kenji)