Emma Hewitt – Colours (Remix Breakdown)Emma Hewitt Colours Armin Van Buuren Remi

Emma Hewitt – Colours (Remix Breakdown)

With “Colours,” the intoxicating first single from her forthcoming artist album, Emma Hewitt quietly demonstrates why she deserves to be mentioned alongside Nadia Ali and Zoë Johnston in the trance vocalist pantheon. On “Colours,” the young Australian is soft, sultry, and seductive — the perfect antidote to the serial cheesiness that plagues trance music. Hewitt sings with emotion and intimacy while mercifully avoiding any unnecessary melodrama. This is trance for grown ups.

Emma Hewitt – Colours (Album Version)

Hewitt’s album version is a rich, downtempo number that ebbs and flows with a relaxed grace. The track wouldn’t have been out place on the Avatar soundtrack — it conjures images of blue-skinned Naavi flying through the forests of Pandora. This one’s absolutely begging for a melodic dubstep remix from the likes of  Bassnectar or Skream — provided it’s done tastefully, of course.

Emma Hewitt – Colours (Armin van Buuren Remix)

The Armin van Buuren remix features Armin’s trademark production style. While it’s a solid effort, it’s not Armin at his transcendent, overwhelmingly-euphoric best. This one won’t be a highlight of the Dutchman’s sets, but it will set the tone for the evening. We imagine Armin using this remix fairly early in the performance, to unobtrusively raise the energy level.

Emma Hewitt – Colours (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) (TRANCE BANGER ALERT)

By far the pick of the bunch is the Jerome Isma-Ae version. The German’s remix effortlessly straddles the line between progressive house and trance. Don’t call it “trouse,” because it deserves better. The pulsing bassline packs an absurdly sweet punch, and as Hewitt’s voice weaves in and out of the dark melodies, you’re taken for a hell of a journey. It’s really good. Eric Prydz good. Above & Beyond good. Dancing Astronaut Top 50 good.

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